Често задавани въпроси

  • How to get and keep on certified?

    Certification process goes through several stages:

    • Choosing the standard and preparation for an audit– Certima B.V. will give you advice on the best solution for your needs within our capabilities and the announced requirements. Before being audited you shall review all requirements of the applicable standard in detail. You should read copy of the newest version of the standard and make yourself familiar with it.
    • Preliminary audit (optional) – A Certima B.V. auditor assesses, as required, and the objective is to compare the performance of the organization to the requirements of the standard. This type of assessment is desirable and usually required when this is the first certification of the company according a relevant standard because pre-assessment will identify any omissions or weaknesses that need to be resolved before formal assessment.
    • Certification audit– An auditor performs an on-site audit or audits to check the implementation of the food safety and quality management system in production and storage areas, as well as the staff facilities. This audit aims to determine whether the organization has implemented effectively the requirements of the standard. The auditor collects evidences for this implementation – he/she observes the technological practices, the infrastructure, the procedures and records. Also the auditor makes some short interviews with representatives of the company on different levels – from the top manager to the shop floor workers. Based on its observations and the evidences, the auditor can recommend the company for certification. In case of non-conformities, the auditor very clearly points out the problems. Usually the company is able to remove these non-conformities in short period and the certification will continue. The audit is documented in a report, which will be presented to the company and to the Certification body.
    • Certification– Actually it is not the auditor who certifies the company. The auditor only recommends on the final decision. According to the accreditation rules, the certification decision must be taken by a person, which is independent from the person, who performed the audit. That’s why the auditor just gives recommendations in its report. The decision is made by the Certification manager, which examines closely the report of the auditor. The certification manager may require additional evidences to be convinced that the company complies with the requirements set out in the standard.

    Once the formal assessment has been successfully completed, we’ll issue a certificate of registration, clearly outlining the scope of the activities, subject to certification. The certificate is valid for a defined period of time depending on the standard. We will carry out regular assessments to ensure you remain compliant and support your continual improvement activities.

  • Why to get certified?

    After being audited and certified by Certima you demonstrate to your customers, competitors, suppliers, staff and investors in food industry that you use industry-respected best practices in the field of food safety and food quality.

    When certified by Certima you will be able to affirm your current position on the market by demonstrating to your customers and other stakeholders that you manage your business in compliance with international standards’ requirements. The Certima certificate will strengthen their confidence in your capabilities as a supplier and partner in business, strengthen the bond between you as supplier and them as customer and inherently stabilize or even better grow the volume of business you do with them.

    When compliant and certified towards appropriate international standards, proven with a Certima certificate, you will be better prepared when pursuing new opportunities.

    The food business is a highly competitive marketplace. Knowing the current and prominent requirements of your customers and being prepared to demonstrate compliance with them can create invaluable competitive advantage for you. Being audited and certified by Certima will drive you ahead of your competitors and thus help you to be the preferred supplier.

    The process of achieving and maintaining the certification you go through with Certima, also helps you to ensure that you are continually improving and refining your activities. This regular assessment process will improve staff responsibility, commitment and motivation. Certima auditing and certification improves the efficiency of your organization, betters the overall performance and with that supports you to create better company results.

  • Why choose Certima B.V.?

    As a highly experienced specialized only in food industry certification organization with valuable business reputation and expertise, Certima has a genuine and deep-rooted understanding of the business needs our clients have today. In our opinion you need to:

    1. To succeed comply with requirements of your customers (retailers) and to increase you market share expanding on new markets - In the dynamic and ever-changing world of food business in order to achieve trust and grow sustainably your revenue and profit you need to maintain your food safety and quality management system at a level to comply with the international standards and to demonstrate that to consumers, retailers, restaurant chains and global producers by achieving a reliable certification.
      Certima is a leading auditing and certification body for the food and food related supply chains performing audits and certification services for companies in more than 14 countries. We have a trusted Dutch accreditation provided by the Dutch Accreditation Council. Our certificates are recognized and accepted internationally.
      Our company will help you to comply with the requirements of your own customers (retailers, restaurants chains and global producers) and demonstrate that in an unmistaken way. Our service will help you to assure the safety and quality of your products, to improve your internal processes and finally help you reach new markets.
    2. To receive certification services which fit your specific needs-  Certima has big experience performing 2nd party audits for international retailers and manufacturers and we know in details requirements set by your clients. We will give you advice on the best solution for your needs within our capabilities and the announced requirements
    3. To receive comprehensive service- Our auditors are local and experienced in your industry. They speak the same language of the working floor. This makes communication easier. Our auditors combine the international standard requirement and legislation with their knowledge of the local conditions and legislation. They understand and know your business. No more inappropriate, misleading or even stupid questions during interviewing your staff and auditing the processing and production facilities.  Every auditor is trained and assessed on a regular basis.
    4. To receive affordable audit and certification services - Our specialization and efficiency make it possible that any food company can afford our services because we are aware that managing a food business operator is a complex task and although certification is important, it is not the only one task food operators have.